Answers in Genesis – Mini Conference


Unfortunately the audio from Saturday 14th is unavailable due to technical difficulties.

Download the audio from Sunday’s services here:

10:30 am – The Genesis Foundation for Marriage and the Family

Morning Service – Robert Beckett (MP3)

6pm – Creation Evangelism

Evening Service – Simon Turpin (MP3)

Free 2-day conference with Answers in Genesis, all welcome.


Simon Turpin – AiG General Manager, Writer, Speaker, BA, MA.

Dr. Robert Beckett – BAgr, MS, PhD, DipTh.

Resources will be available throughout.

Download PDF flyer for the event

Saturday 14th May

10:30am – Talk 1 (ST) – Behold Your Creator: Jesus Christ.

11:30am – Break.

11:45 – Talk 2 (RB) – Biological Evidence: Distinguishing Fact From Fantasy.

12:45pm – Lunch Break (bring your own).

1:45pm – Talk 3 (ST) – Genesis: Unique Revelation or Ancient Myth?

2:45pm – Q&A

Sunday 15th May

10:30am – Morning Service (RB) – The Genesis Foundation for Marriage and the Family.

6:00pm – Evening Service (ST) – Creation Evangelism.