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Coronavirus update

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Dear church

In light of the recent government guidance on the corona outbreak that people should be “avoiding gatherings in public spaces” (16th March 2020) we feel that we have no other choice than to close the church for services on Sundays.
As changes to government guidance changed earlier in the week we made the decision to also stop midweek and children’s groups, other than the school which is still under guidance to continue.

These changes will continue as long as the government guidelines are in place and we will update our arrangements in accordance with theirs which will be communicated to the church via the various WhatsApp groups, Watchorn Church Facebook and on our website

Although at this time to avoid contamination we are not collectively meeting in person we would ask that you and your households continue to pray together in your homes for Gods guidance and support through this troubling time.

We will endeavour to find ways of sharing time together as a church and look to host a live service on Sundays. Details of this can be found on our church website or the church Facebook page ‘Watchorn Church’ (the one with a picture of the church). We would ask at this stage that everyone who is on Facebook to add Watchorn Church as a friend.

We would ask that everyone aim to remain connected as much as possible at this time via the many various means of communication. As a church we will continue to pray whilst thoughtfully consider areas of public life that we can benefit during this time, the worlds answer to all its problems is our blessed saviour Jesus Christ and we encourage you as followers of Him to consider how you can be salt and light in the uncertain times ahead.

People may still be in need of pastoral support and care, for help with this the church have a team who are heading up the pastoral work of the church. For any matters relating to a pastoral need or the business of the church your point of contact is Russell Price 07597 183069 email

Our act of worship in giving financially to the church through tithes and offerings is as important as ever. With the inability to give at the collection plate we are asking the congregation to give electronically through internet banking this can be done by e-mailing the point of contact.

We encourage you to be prayerful and patient at this time God knows what He is doing.

In Christ

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